Monday, 6 February 2017

Wrote something, then set it to music, or vice versa. Not sure which way it works really.

All heads down,
Walking from there to here
As fast as we can.

Maybe you'd notice me if I stopped and threw my had back
Laughed and drank the rain, let it fall into my open eyes and run down my face like tears of joy

Laughed like a madman. Wild madman in the rain.

But I just walk like the rest

Head down, from there to here
as fast as we can

I want to walk till I cannot walk no further.

Past pleading signs declaring 'sale now on'
Whitewashed windows
faded road markings
Through the acrid underpass
over the thrill of the footbridge
watching the clouds of spray
empty bus stops
dripping umbrellas in sopping wet beer gardens

Walk till I'm empty.
Walk till I'm quiet.
Walk till I'm dead inside.

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